How To Give Up Smoking

by roshi on February 10, 2009

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Smoking is a bad habit. Everyone will agree. But it is an addiction too. Many bad habits are addiction. Lets find some ways to quit the smoking once and for all.


Quit smoking if you want to

  • Not feel tired
  • Not get a sore throat every morning
  • Get rid of sneezing
  • Get rid of headaches
  • Clear your mind
  • Get rid of negative thoughts
  • Not be a pessimist
  • Get up early in the morning
  • Enjoy your soul mate company more
  • Look and feel younger
  • Look and be fresh
  • Have more remembrance power
  • Be more healthy in all aspects of your life
  • Save the money, buy stuff
  • Not be a slave
  • Feel free and light
  • Decrease the risk of lung cancer, heart attacks, stroke, chonic lung disease and a variety of other types of cancers.
  • Stop premature wrinkling, bad breath, stained teeth, yellow fingernails and gum disease.
  • Decrease the health risk to loved ones and those around you.
  • Improve your sense of smell and taste.

How To Quit Smoking

Smoking causes decreased metabolism resulting in poor health condition. It may not be easy to quit smoking in a blink. You may require a disciplined pattern and consistency and follow some guidelines.

Get To Know The Facts and Accept the Facts

Nicotine is the Psychoactive drug found in Tobacco products (cigarettes) that, when ingested, gives the user a mildly euphoric feeling. It is also the chemical which users become addicted to. Research has shown that nicotine is as addictive as heroin, cocaine or alcohol. The average cigarette contains 1 to 2 mg of nicotine that, when ingested, is rapidly distributed to the brain within 10 seconds of inhalation. Nicotine increases the flow of Dopamine to the brain, which causes that “euphoric” feeling (increased heart rate and blood pressure). Have you heard any body saying that, Okay, I know its killing me, but I am not feeling to quit smoking right now. One feels active when he/she smokes but it is just momentarily. In fact in a long run, your memory, thinking power, decision power goes week. You become addicted to it, Your thinking becomes too linear and short.

Have Some Sweets or Bubble Gums

When you decide to quit smoking, there must be other addictive thing to replace this addition. Sweets or gums won’t do much harm. When ever you feel desire for smoking, get the sweet or gum instaed of cigarette. Have some sweets or gums with you always. When you feel desire for smoke have these.

Have Some Tea

While in home, have tea whenever you feel the need for cigarette. In fact get up and make some tea for yourself. This will keep you busy as well. I suggest green tea. Do not go for caffeine in try to quit nicotine.

Change Environment

Remove any match boxes, lighters, ashtray and other smoking stuff from your room. Keep your room clean, make atmosphere fresh, get some flowers or air-freshener.

Get Some Exercise

Start exercise at regular basis. This will restore normal blood circulation level into the body and you will get more oxygen dose. Lungs will be repaired quickly and your breath will become steady.

Helping Products

Use Nicotine and Tar Free Cigarettes.
In case you are not ready to stop smoking, use these filters to remove tar and nicotine from your cigarettes.

Use Auricular Therapy
Auricular therapy stimulates acupuncture points in the outer ear.

Use Smokeless counters
The SmokeLessCounter puts the quitting process on Auto-Pilot. Just give it details about your current smoking habit, then it begins gradually reducing your cigarette intake, automatically! Keep track of how much cigarettes you take daily.

Use Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRT)
A nicotine patch is a Transdermal Patch which releases a steady stream of nicotine into your bloodstream through your skin. You will feel enough nicotine into your body and won’t feel like to have cigarettes. But this way is a bit harmful as you are still having nicotine.

Use Nicotine Gum
Use Nicotine inhaler. A Nicotine inhaler allows the user to take small puffs of nicotine from a small inhaler, without the harmful Carbon Monoxide found in cigarette smoke.

Precautions – Keep in mind

  • Pick good time to quit smoking
    Do not quit during holidays, night before presentation etc
  • Prepare to gain a small amount of weight after quiting.
    Smoking causes your metabolism rate to be slow. After quitting your metabolism rate will be restored to normal making you a bit fat.
  • Be prepared to give up smoking more than once.
    If you are not successful at quitting it once, twice or more, do not blame you. Its natural. You have been addicted. Keep trying until you succeed.

More Tips

  • Cut down the number of cigarettes you smoke, gradually.
  • Smoke only half of each cigarette.
  • Each day, postpone lighting your first cigarette 1 hour.
  • Decide you’ll smoke only during odd or even hours of the day.
  • Decide beforehand how many cigarettes you’ll smoke during the day.
  • Change your eating habits to help you cut down. For example, drink milk, which many people consider incompatible with smoking. End meals or snacks with something that won’t lead to a cigarette.
  • Reach for a glass of juice instead of a cigarette.
  • Cutting down can help you quit, but it’s not a substitute for quitting. If you’re down to about seven cigarettes a day, it’s time to set your target date and get ready to stick to it.
  • Don’t Smoke “Automatically”.
  • Don’t empty your ashtrays. This will remind you of how many cigarettes you’ve smoked each day, and the sight and smell of stale butts will be very unpleasant.
  • Make yourself aware of each cigarette by using the opposite hand or putting cigarettes in an unfamiliar location or a different pocket to break the automatic reach.
  • If you light up many times during the day without even thinking about it, try to look in a mirror each time you put a match to your cigarette – you may decide you don’t need it.
  • Make smoking inconvenient
  • Stop carrying cigarettes with you at home and at work. Make them difficult to get to.
  • Smoke only under circumstances that aren’t especially pleasurable for you. If you like to smoke with others, smoke alone. Turn your chair toward an empty corner and focus only on the cigarette you are smoking and its many negative effects.
  • Collect all you cigarette butts in one large glass container as a visual reminder of the filth smoking represents.

Why On Earth Quit Smoking Habit

You are worth it. If you think how you started it, you will not get any reasonable answer. You might have started it in the company of some friends, for fun, thinking that you will not be addicted to it. And then you never know when it becomes a need. Almost a reflex; Almost a habit; A priority. There is no specific reason why people smoke. Tensions do not go away with the cigarettes. It brings lethargy, tired mind and limbs, exhausted circulatory system. You begin to think too straight and short. Blood pressure and other problems. Your metabolism rate decreases which directly affects your body cells. You will save huge money by quitting it. You will feel fresh and free.

Benefits of Giving Up Smoking Over Time

  • 20 Minutes after quitting: Heart rate drops and blood pressure drops.
  • 12 Hours after quitting: Carbon Monoxide levels in your blood drop.
  • 2 Weeks – 3 Months after quitting: Circulation improves and lung functions increase.
  • 1 – 9 Months after quitting: Coughing and shortness of breath decrease.
  • 1 Year after quitting: Risk of coronary heart disease is half that of a smoker.
  • 5 Years after quitting: Stroke risk is reduced to that of a non-smoker.
  • Finally you can live some more years of your life.


It is clear from the statistics showing in above picture that:
Around 440,000 deaths are caused by smoking habit, involving cancer disease due to smoking, house fire set by cigarettes, heart diseases caused by cigarettes, respiratory diseases and more…


The best way of quitting the smoking habit is to “Just drop it forever”.


Quit smoking is the best favor a smoker can do to himself.


If your spouse of Girl Friend does not like your smoking habit then it is another fair reason to quit smoking.

These lips certainly does not deserve the cigarette either.


It is a fact as shown in the picture above that smoking changes the way you feel and look.

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So what is your plan?
Have you already quit smoking? How did you achieve this?

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