How to Impress A Guy

by roshi on July 8, 2007

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When it comes to making a lasting impression on a guy, a little strategical approach goes a long way. If you want to be the girl he just can’t get off his mind, simply be sure that you:

Have a Life

Mention your plans to explore the back roads with your biking group, your adventures as a volunteer little league coach, your crazy movie-night escapades with the girls last Friday. He’ll see that you’re someone with a lot of spunk and spirit, and he’ll wonder what you’re up to now. Plus, with charisma like yours, he’ll definitely want to join your club.

Call the Shots

Invite him to do something outside-the-box with you. Rather than waiting for him to ask you out on the proverbial dinner-and-a-movie date, suggest checking out Tango night at the local dance club, visiting the vintage erotic art exhibit at the museum, or attending an outdoor concert under the stars. He’ll be enchanted by your creativity and sense of adventure, and together you’ll begin building memories he won’t soon forget.

Stir his Senses

Wear a subtle and alluring scent. When he hugs you close, he’ll be drawing you in with every breath he takes. When you part, a little hint of you will linger on his collar, invoking the essence of you in his mind all day long.

Raise the Temperature

Wear sexy undies. Even if you keep all your clothes on, a pair of lacy boy-cuts under your jeans will make you feel hot, and everyone knows how contagious a little sexual confidence can be. Your signature je-ne-sais-quois will keep him — how you say — distracted — until you meet again.

Feed the Fire

Let him know you think he’s sexy. Brush lightly against his shoulder as you walk by him, tell him you like those pants he’s wearing, give him “the look” as your parting glance. He’ll be hopelessly incapable of dimming that glorious glow he feels knowing a beautiful woman wants him.

Kiss to Impress

Become famous in his book for your fabulous kiss. Be present and tender, expressive and receptive, when you kiss him goodnight. With an unforgettable kiss like that, you’ll be guaranteed a starring role in his dreams all night long.


Stay in Touch

Sure, playing hard to get may be a time-honored trick of the trade, but imagine how good it makes him feel to know that you’re thinking of him. Shoot him an email or a quick phone call to say hello and let him know he is on your mind. When you put that little lift in his step, he’ll be bopping to your beat all throughout the day.

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