How To Make Yourself Irresistible To Girls

by roshi on September 24, 2009

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According to one study, women are attracted to men who smell like their dad. You don’t have to be tall, dark, handsome, and rich to be a ladies’ man. Just learn to recognize what women want. You Will Need Some female friends, A little wit, A little generosity, Lots of loyalty…

Quick Tips

Get yourself Some Wing-Women

Men who are surrounded by attentive ladies instantly become more attractive to other women. Be macho if you want to play the field, but find your sensitive side if you’re looking for true love.

Pay her lots of compliments

Pay your lady lots of compliments – flattery will get you everywhere.

Learn to tell a joke

Learn to tell a joke. A whopping 93% of women are looking for a guy who can make them laugh.

Give her your undivided attention

Whenever you’re together, give her your undivided attention. Who doesn’t love to be the center of attention?

Always pick up the check

Always pick up the check—and for goodness’ sake don’t dither about it. Women love a guy who “automatically” pays for dinner.

Work toward owning a home

If you’re not yet a homeowner, work toward that goal. Research shows that a man who owns a home is five times more attractive than one who doesn’t.

Show your fondness for children

Show your fondness for children. Research shows that—not surprisingly—women are drawn to men who seem like they’d be good dads.

Tone your body

Work out just enough to be in slightly better shape than the average Joe. Most women prefer “toned” guys over muscle-bound hulks.

Be faithful

Be faithful. For most women, fidelity trumps attractiveness, health, wealth, and social status – every time.

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