How To Overcome Anger

by roshi on February 17, 2008

in Self Development

Inside you there is a good person who tries to make you realize and think, no matter what the situation is. When somebody is in bad mood, he must not react at once. But one must contain a certain hold of himself. My personal experience is that if you wash your face and let the water flow into the basin and keep looking at the flowing clean fresh water for a while, In some minutes anger will be gone.

Prepare yourself a cup of tea and relax for a while and distract your thoughts to some good old memories. Concentrate…

  • Act upon anger provides satisfaction of course but no use of troubled satisfaction which brings loss & regret. 
  • Circumstances always look worse than they actually are.
  • Make you realize that you are not here to change the world which is always bad.
  • Think that you have to play just your part and you will not create any trouble on your end, for you or for others.
  • Just forget about injustice and try to think that may be if I let go and do not think of taking revenge then I will get some reward for this patience from somewhere else.
  • There is always a reward of patience and that’s more then you can expect.
  • Anger always leads to some more loss.
  • Patience and thinking of solution to the problem can only save you from loss.

Read sayings of Master Yoda from star wars.

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