How to Remain Fresh Around The Clock

by roshi on December 22, 2008

in Self Development


There are so many ways to gain physical attraction including being fresh looking. Physicians and beauticians will recommend you thousands of costly ways through surgery, cosmetics, diet and other many ways. Although this is a fact that you may adopt a healthy living style, exercise regularly, breathe fresh air a lot, use more fresh vegetables, use more fresh juices, use more fresh fruits, stay away from tensions and meditate to have a healthy fresh physique and looks, but there is a very easy way too, which I am going to explain to you. It does not need any of above mentioned things in the way most people will do to attain this goal.

I would suggest you to keep your routine as it is and do the following two steps.

Number One:

  • Wash hands – 3 times
  • Wash mouth – 3 times
  • Wash nose – 3 times
  • Wash face – 3 times
  • Wash arms and elbows – 3 times each
  • Dip hands in water and then move them over head from hair to neck – once
  • Wash ears
  • Wash feet – 3 times each

Number Two:

  • Repeat this process five times a day (Early in the morning, noon, after noon, evening, night).

Sequence and times are important in this process.

By following above process after some days you will see a definite change in your personality. You will feel your face fresh and innocent. There is no need for cosmetics, beauty creams or expensive diet. In supplement however you can avoid negative thinking. This process costs you nothing and keeps you fresh around the clock. I will be honest to you and give you a hint. Muslims follow this process. Why and when? you will have to guess it for yourself.
What do you suggest about this technique?

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