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by roshi on September 24, 2009

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I happened to talk to a British Guy who lives in Birmingham and he calls his region ‘Black Country’ and the way he talked he said that its a ‘Black Country Style’ accent. He had a difficult accent to follow. My teacher tutor said once he met with an Irish person and he was totally talking in a different accent which was almost scary to understand. There is bit of a difference in between American English and British English accent. Normally what we hear in English movies mostly is American English style and accent. Here we have some videos which will guide us about how to talk in British English accent easily. There is a bit difference in speaking and mixing words together when it comes to British style. It is fascinating though. I have found a series of videos in which this amazing lady has definitely got it right.

British Accent – Practice Along the Training

British Accent – Pronunciation, Not Listening

Different way of learning, rather than listening.

British Accent – Placement

British Accent – D and T – Isolated Sound Change

British Accent – Keep the T sound pure – Pure TT Sound

The sentence change would be (Its rough but it sounds like this:)
The beautiful british writer scattered the letters.
The beautiful british writhaa scathaard the lethaas.

British Accent – The AW Sound

British Accent – AW Practice

British Accent: Long E Sounds

British Accent – Long E Practice

It is sound of E but it seems like it sounds like A in British.

British Accent – Short A Before S

British Accent – Short A Before Voiceless TH

British Accent – Short A Before ND

British Accent – The EU Glide

British Accent – EU Glide Practice

British Accent – Long O Practice

British Accent – The Short O

British Accent – Short O Practice

British Accent – Short O Spelled With A Practice

British Accent – Short O Spelled With A

British Accent – Unique Words

British Accent – The R Drop

British Accent – R Drop Practice

British Accent – ARY Combination Practice

British Accent – Stress Patterns

British Accent – Pitch Characteristics

British Accent – More Unique Words

Fun Stuff

I am pretty sure you will feel like the following after watching all these videos.

Monica’s Fake Accent – Friends TV Show

Axe commercial – British Accent Guy

Indian/British Accents

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