How To Tell Your Boyfriend He’s a Bad Kisser

by roshi on September 23, 2009

in Love, Tips

You’ve found the one, but he’s a horrible kisser! Don’t let him live the lie any longer – you’ve got to let him know… nicely, of course. This trick is for those ladies who do not like wet kisses.

Quick Tips

  • Decide if he’s worth it. If he’s not in the running for a long-term commitment, let another girl deal with the problem.
  • Compliment him about his technique and tell him tactfully about the problem. Start with a compliment about his technique before moving on to the problem. If you honestly can’t find anything positive to say about his kisses, tell him he has soft lips.
  • Here’s a linguistic trick. Don’t say, “You have such soft lips, but I wish you wouldn’t give such wet kisses.” He’ll forget the compliment. Instead, seductively coo, “You have such soft lips, and I’d love it if your kisses weren’t quite so wet.”
  • Show him how you want to be kissed. It will be more fun, less humiliating, and infinitely more effective than asking him to stop lapping your face like a dog.
  • Take some blame by saying ‘we’ need to work on our kissing.

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