How to Use Ceramic Rings and Activated Carbon in Internal Aquarium Filter

by roshi on November 16, 2010

in Aquarium

diy aquarium canister filter, ceramic rings, activated carbon, internal filter

This is a DIY canister aquarium filter. Basically you can convert regular aquarium internal filter into a canister filter with respect to functionality by using ceramic rings and activated carbon in that. I always get excited when I plan some DIY stuff. Recently one of my fish aquarium internal filter started performing low so I planned to replace it. I cleaned the old one and managed to make it work again. Then I planned to make it more usable with addition of activated carbon and ceramic rings in it. Canister filters are expensive. External canister filters for aquarium use activated carbon and ceramic rings for extra beneficial bacteria colonies growth, aquarium water purification, aquarium water filtration, aquarium water smell elimination and more…So we can use activated carbon and ceramic rings in the internal submersible filter to make it work like canister filter. Here is what I did.

Aquarium internal filter has got sponge or foam like medium in its container. I cut that foam into two pieces and placed ceramic rings and activated carbon in between those two pieces and closed the internal filter container. Before that I have rinsed the ceramic rings and activated carbon pieces for a while.

After that I have kept the filter in a separate water tub and turned it on for few minutes. Then I have placed that filter in the aquarium at the other side with no filters. Its working good.

Ceramic rings and activated carbon will clean your aquarium water and purify it. Smell from water will be eliminated by using it. If you do water changes once in a week then by using these two in filter media you can do water changes twice a month. You need to change the activated carbon in a month. You do not need to run this filter with activated carbon and ceramic rings all the time. You can turn it on at day time or night time, thrice a week or twice in a week. I have put 10 ceramic rings and handful of activated carbon in that filter. Simple.

You can get activated carbon and ceramic rings from local pet shop. Rinse activated carbon and ceramic rings before use. Do not use this DIY filter excessively in aquarium.

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