How You Can Overcome Shyness

by roshi on April 20, 2010

in Self Development

Measures to overcome shyness begin with determining the main reason behind it. Reasons behind it may be dread of appearing in public, fear of failure or perhaps a negative view of yourself. Shyness is a common feeling for many individuals globally, and is attributable to the lack of self esteem and confidence. This tends to make you think negatively about yourself and you end up highly self-conscious. You grow to be unable to appreciate your good points and become down about your weaknesses. Among the best tricks overcome shyness is a type of cognitive therapy that gently increases your exposure to an item you don’t like. When meeting strangers tends to make you feel uneasy, then read about current events to heighten your awareness of what is going on around you to give you techniques for conversations. Discreetly listen to just what other peoples conversation to find out what people are talking about and use that as topics for conversation. Set yourself a goal of one step each day to begin to overcome shyness. It could be something similar to starting up a conversation with somebody that you do not know, or simply making eye contact with people.

You may find it tough to start with however the more you try you’ll quickly find that you can easily overcome this fear. Basically keep taking little steps daily and as you progress you will discover that you build your confidence along the way. Your shyness could be the result of you being concerned about how you look, how you dress and talk. You must learn how to be comfortable with yourself. You shouldn’t try and pretend you are someone you aren’t; you will feel good when you are accepted for who you are. It is easy to try to be yourself while you begin to overcome shyness. Every one of us has different ways of expressing ourselves, and we all have distinctive qualities. The world would be a boring place if we were all the same.

Learn to realize your strengths and the things you are good at. Concentrate your attention on one thing you’re good at; this will help your self esteem and help with to overcome shyness. You will be able to identify with yourself. This is a quick fix; nonetheless it could allow you to overcome other worries one at a time. A common problem that people create for themselves is the fact they make comparisons to people such as celebrities or people that are regarded as popular. These kinds of unreasonable comparisons to people that are different, have a negative effect creating low self esteem, simply because if you don’t fit the image of perfection you have created you could consider yourself a failure. Try and forget the picture of perfection which you have in your mind and create visions of yourself from who you are. While you work to overcome shyness, you will learn lots of things regarding yourself. You will view yourself in different ways in different situations i.e., work or social. While you notice these changes your confidence will grow, so you ought to keep a notebook with your achievements knowing that you can make changes to enhance your life.

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