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by roshi on June 17, 2011

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Don’t get a job and run your own business. But then not everybody can afford to run a business. If all the people at planet start running businesses then barter system will return and there would be no labor work. If there is no labor work then small tasks can not be completed e.g. building houses, city cleaning etc. You get the idea – it is not possible for everybody to become a boss. There will always be bosses and employees. And of course not all the jobs are underpaid. Not all jobs are bad. There are jobs that provide financial security, health care facility, family insurance, bonuses, good salaries and more. There are better jobs. Doing job is not always easy. To do a job you have to be regular, punctual, become a Yes-Sir-Person, sacrifice your time in form of daily fixed hours and you have to make thousands of dollars for your boss to earn hundreds of dollars.

You have to meet targets. There is always a struggle. No freedom. No relaxation. No unannounced leaves. Much much much more. Still people do jobs. Some do it because they have to while some people are totally comfortable with it. For most job is a pain and continuous stress. If you have to do a stressful work, you can choose to be in stress and keep doing it by using your will power or you can make that stressful work, less painful to enjoy what you do. Or at least to get comfortable with it. There are ways you can follow to get comfortable with your job.

Follow these steps to make your work comfortable a bit.


Make your colleagues your good friends. Friends are people you can enjoy to hang out with. Try to get social with your colleagues and superiors. Help them. Establish a good relationship with co-workers from office boys to management team members. If you have friends in office, then you will enjoy spending time in office. You will wait to get up and go to office happily where your friends are. Work becomes fun when you do that with friends.

Make Your Environment Friendly

Arrange your desk for your comfort. If your family pictures comfort you and motivate you, get those at your desk. If flowers comfort you, get a nice flower pot or something containing flowers near by your chair or desk. It can be an ornament containing flowers. Get few books related to your work at your desk that will help you escape from work stress in free time and you can enjoy reading those books. You can keep something related to your hobby at your desk if that is allowed in office. Options are endless. Just think about how you can make your work space more comfortable, relaxing, beautiful and peaceful.

Work Rest Balance

Get proper rest. Do not burn out all the energies you have got. After office, forget about your work and give time to your family. enjoy free time. Relax, rest daily. Get proper night sleep from 6 to 8 hours. If you feel fresh, you won’t get exhausted in doing stressful work at office in day time.

Set Targets

Aimless working leads to nowhere. Expand your knowledge. Always concentrate on where this work can lead you. Set goals and targets and go for them. Search better job and explore where your profession can take you. Don’t just stuck there. Keep moving.

Get Breaks

Get leaves. Go out of station. Enjoy your leaves at home with family or take family to some enjoyable place. Enjoy dining outside. Play with your kids at home. Do not waste leaves. Plan what you will do with your free time during holidays. Make a list of what makes you happy and how you wanna spend your free time and go for it. Use all the free time to appreciate the relaxation of freedom. Get more rest in holidays.

And most importantly – Try to get a job you are passionate about and would love to do.

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