Keep Smiling, Have Some Heart, Ignore Worries

by AJ on February 12, 2011

in Motivational

There are ups and downs in life. While its your test that how much you make and how you fight for your survival and pay the bills but there is another test too. Its to keep yourself away from worries. Always keep smiling and have some heart. You are with your family and they won’t like it when they see worry at your face. They will loose their heart too and they will loose trust in you.

You have to collect your strengths and keep fighting and give the best to your family and yet probably they won’t understand how you manage it all. Your family will always expect the best from you and they do not need your worried face. So that’s another test in life. The test is “How you cope with worries and your fears“?

I moved from a small city to a big city with my family when I got a bit stable. I got a house on rent. It was all good, but you know you have to pay the bills each month. Then the house owner had to sell the house and he kept sending unwanted guests to see the house so that they can buy it if they like it. It was embarrassing situation for me as I and my family did not like this.

I was not able to afford a house that time and there was insecurity in my mind due to this situation. That time I thought that whatever situation might be, I won’t get myself into worry and will keep working. That’s what I did.

Being a man, this is also your test. How you cope worries? Worries and bad news are inevitable. Bad days come and you have to fight through bad times and you have to fight your worries and fears as well. You should have faith and keep working, keep struggling, keep smiling.

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