Life, Money, Relations and Something More Than Wealth

by roshi on November 9, 2009

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You and me live life. Its beautiful. We do not remember, we have to die. We ignore it and do not discuss it anymore. We want to live. Everybody wants to live – Forever. We are so much used to it. What we all need for a quality life? Did just a word came into your mind? Was it wealth? What can wealth do for you. You can be comfortable. You can buy a fortune for you and your family. You can make yourself and your family happy – at least materialistically. You can buy fancy cars and all sorts of comforts for you in life. Okay! its quality life or luxurious life. But is it life? I had a belief. Many years I believed that. Wealth is the first necessity for us. It is the priority. So work hard, earn more, live happy. Events changed and I realized that there are some other things as well. Which we ignore. We do not recognize their value. Their value is far more higher than wealth or money. If you have all the money in the world, even then there are certain points you will find yourself empty and yet there are such things which you will find more important to gain. More important then wealth or money.

Have you ever thought about it?

You were very keen about some habits or things to do in your childhood but your parents always forbade you from those. e.g. Watching T.V. You just could not get enough of it. Now you might have your own big T.V. set, computer or even a home theater but you might not be interested in those anymore at this stage. There might be somethings, you want right now. When you find stuff you needed before, you loose interest or that is sort of useless for you. That becomes useless.

In life we often find things when we do not need (Those were useful at some point of life but not anymore). Which we need right now, is far away from us.

When you need some person, he / she leaves this world without warning. Or you realize after he / she is gone that you needed him. Much stuff happens in life without warning. There are no warning signs. It just happens.

I have been asking this question to myself a lot. What is life? I have been asking this question to others. I think I know the answer now.

  • Your kith and kins won’t understand you.
  • Your friends will leave you alone at some point of life.
  • You will have to fight for your life alone.
  • You will feel insecure and alone at many turns of life.
  • You will find it difficult to distinguish that what is wrong and what is right.
  • People won’t understand you.
  • There will be always opposite to what you think or plan.
  • Everything will be unpredictable.
  • Life will be unpredictable.
  • You won’t find anything under your control.
  • You will loose more and win less.
  • There will be particular things in your life you will wish you could share with someone but you won’t find anyone.
  • You will find something best for you but it will turn worse for you.
  • For your little relatives you will only be a stupid and for your elders you will be even more stupid.

These are facts. Life is understanding, accepting these facts and live with these facts happily.

Some people say that we can control our life. Some people say that there is fate and some part of which we can control and the other we can not. The fact is, it does not matter what you think or believe. Life will be unpredictable and uncertain.

What is important than wealth or money? There are some turns in life where we forget all about our ambitions and regular life. I am talking about the cold feet and hands. Remember something? When you feel your body empty. Ever felt that? When you feel detached from this world. It looks like everything has gone blank or colorless and you will never be happy again.

We do not live for money or wealth. We can’t. A billion dollars successful person will also say that he is not financially secure. Wealth is just a need. I am going to talk about what is really important in life. We live for people we care. There are some people who are close to us. We might know them or we might know this fact after when they are gone. The important thing is to recognize those people or even search those people we care about and make them happy. Have you ever gone through the pain of some specific loss. A specific loss which I am going to talk about. If some person was good and selfless towards you and then he / she leaves this world. You remember that how much he had given you and you could also make some of his wishes come true. He had also some wishes. Everybody has wishes. But he was so much busy to keep you happy that he could not do anything for himself. Do not let this happen. There are people who care about you. If you recognize them and give them care in return. Then you will feel yourself the most rich person on this planet. There is an immense pleasure in making other people wishes come true who are close to you.

Definition of a rich person is a little bit different. A person who has got wealth and money is not always rich. Rich is that person who is living under his opportunities and not under his limitations. A rich person is that who is rich in relations, friends, socialism, giving and is happy on what he has got and do not bother to worry about what he has not got at the moment.

Do you know which is the best part of life? It is, when your family understands you as a friend and your friends support you as a family member.

Your thoughts?

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