Live Food for Community Fish Tank on Autopilot

by roshi on October 26, 2010

in Aquarium

I am not talking about the Oscars, Peacock Bass, Arowana, Piranha, Snakehead etc fish tanks. I am talking about the regular peaceful community tank. There you might have some fish species you like to grow in size e.g. Silver Sharks (Bala Sharks), Monos, Barbs, Rainbows etc. Fish like shrimps, worms, fish fry etc. You can power feed your favorite fish shrimps, worms or fish fry. These are not cheap if you buy but you can populate shrimps, worms and fish fry. I have provided some methods in previous posts about how to prepare shrimps and worms from wasted food. There is another method to power feed the fish. If you can keep some fish species that breed a lot then they can provide live food for your favorite fish and your favorite fish will grow really well. The purpose here is to create a self sufficient community fish tank that takes less from outside and serves itself at autopilot.

So what are the fish you need for your community aquarium as a feeder fish? If you like to have fish that reproduce like crazy then consider the following fish in your community aquarium.

  • Guppy
  • Platy
  • Molly

Molly will produce babies once in a month. You need to raise the temperature of aquarium to 23-28 and provide sufficient food. You need male and female of the above fish. male will have clear pointed dorsal fin. Female fish will swell up if it has got babies. You need live or artificial plants in aquarium for fish babies to hide. When molly will be ready to give birth, she will search for hiding places or plants.

Guppy, platies and moollies will breed in aquarium and produce a lot of fry that can serve as a food for other big fish in your aquarium. You can save a lot of cost and keep yourself from buying blood worms, live worms, brine shrimps for your fish and provide your fish live food.

Molly Giving Birth in Aquarium

Guppy Giving Birth in Aquarium

You can prepare shrimps from eggs or you can have shrimps in aquarium so that they produce more shrimps for your fish to serve as live food. If your fish eat adult shrimp then you can have a small aquarium for shrimps and have them reproduce there.

Platy Giving Birth in Aquarium

Shrimp Giving Birth

Now! I am not a fan of feeding fish other fish but if you are into doing it, you can do it to serve other big fish in aquarium. Oscars, Arowana, sharks and other giant fish will eat guppy, molly or platies straight away. This method will work if you have got community aquarium and some other fish that accept live food that are small.

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