Love Does Not Happen itself, You Make Love Happen

by roshi on June 15, 2011

in Love

Love, piar, ishq, muhabbat, or affair – same thing, many names. It does not happen. You make it happen. Love at first sight does not exist. It is all about hormones, right time and right place. You can love any girl. If your parents choose your better half, you can still get to know your better half and make that love happen. If you are caught up in between choice to let that arranged marriage happen or not, you need to read this:

Love is a habit just like other habits. You have to renew this passion/emotion and keep the flame burning every day otherwise it dies out with time. You feel love and you flame this emotion by thinking about her every day.

Time is a great healer. Lost love will be forgotten with time. It is in human nature to go on and move on.

Same person can be beautiful for me and might not be beautiful for you. That means love requires your involvement. That person has nothing to do with the attraction you experience towards him/her. You choose to get attracted towards any specific being. After sex, you will ignore even the sexiest and beautiful girl standing in front of you. Because your emotional and physical need has been just fulfilled. If you have not done sex from many days, then even an average normal looking girl will look prettiest girl to you in the world.

Why love marriages fail? In every marriage, after few months or years, the passion dies out. When you have achieved your love then it becomes a part of your life. We tend to give less importance to what is a part of our life. So does it even matters whether you do love marriage or arranged? After some period it always is a compromise.

The important factor is to introduce another important emotion to your love life which is “Respect”. Respect each other. Care for each other. This will ensure long lasting relationship.

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