Mercedes ESF 2009 S400 Ultimate Security Features

by roshi on June 17, 2009

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Mercedes ESF S400 2009 is the Experimental Safety Vehicle. Although it looks like an ordinary S-class, the new ESF S400 Hybrid Concept is packed with some of the most innovative technologies and over a dozen safety innovations. Like the world’s safest Mercedes-Benz S-class, the new ESF 2009 features an inflatable metal structure with side impact bars that would save space and increase crash protection when blown by pressures between 10 and 20 bar. Other than that, the new vehicle is expected to run on reflective tyres, full emergency braking systems fitted to the floor and an airbag built into the seatbelt.

An auxiliary brake in the floor of the ESF 2009 which works with a bag similar to interior air bags but is much tougher. When the car senses an imminent collision the brake bag inflates to create friction with the road thus also slowing the car down. In addition to that it lifts the car up by up to 80mm.

Features Highlights

  • PRE-SAFE Structure – inflatable metal structures
  • Braking Bag – a braking parachute for the car
  • Interactive Vehicle Communication – car reports what its sensors have detected
  • PRE-SAFE Pulse – an automatic nudge in the ribs
  • Spotlight lighting function
  • PRE-SAFE Demonstrator
  • Side Reflect – not all Mercedes are grey at night
  • Belt Bag – a combination of a seat belt and airbag
  • Child Protect – safety and comfort for very small passengers
  • PRE-SAFE 360° – full emergency braking before an impact
  • Size Adaptive Airbags – tailor-made airbags
  • Child Cam – keeping an eye on the kids
  • Interseat Protection – don’t get too close to me

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