Midnight Call

by roshi on September 16, 2008

in Islam

Well actually it is late from midnight as its 3:39 AM here in Pakistan and we are going to prepare ourselves for the Fast of Ramadan. I was sitting at my PC setting up my blogs and I received a call from abroad. From number I could guess this. I wondered who could this be at this late hour? Caller asked me a question about Islam. He asked me about how many times the word “Allah” is repeated in Holy Quran?

I panicked, obviously to tell you the truth. I opened this blog and searched for the question but could not find. I thought I had read that somewhere. And then it clicked into my mind and I answered him.

2698 times

It was the first ever call I received from my blog reader. I was happy to help him and he thanked me for attending his call. This is another benefit of a blog that you get noticed and you share knowledge and people read what you give them and respond to you.

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