Millionaire without Money

by roshi on June 15, 2011

in Inspirational

Money is the coolest and most important thing to have in life. First priority. We earn to live. We earn more to live happily. Someone said, “If money can’t buy happiness for you then you are not shopping at the right places.” Money can solve our 80% problems right away. If you do not have enough money then it will make you uncomfortable. This uncomfortable feeling will last like forever in your mind and will disturb your daily life. It does. There is a solution to that. Change the way you think. Even if you do not have a penny, you are born like a multi-million dollar man. Everybody is rich. You are born rich. Real wealth is not money.

I read this somewhere that you possess things that are priceless. I give you a single (harsh) example.

Can you trade your eyes for money? What if someone wants to give you everything in exchange for your eyes? $100000, $10000000, $1000000000, $100000000000000 or even more. The amount of money that can buy your dreams. Will you exchange your eyes for even that amount? God gave you many valuable and priceless things totally free that you use without even realizing their worth. This proves three things:

  • Money and wealth is important but not so much important
  • Being rich or being wealthy does not mean to have a lot of money
  • You are already rich and blessed, even if you do not have enough money

This world and its beauty attracts you in a way that you chase your heart out to achieve what you dream and forget about the beautiful life you have. Do not get upset about wealth and money. Try to be rich and get abundance in your life but do not waste all of your energies in chasing wealth. You will loose much in chasing wealth. You are already wealthy and rich. Being wealthy and rich is nothing to do with the money.

If you are healthy but don’t have money, you are not poor, or poor millionaire. You are a millionaire without money. A wealthy person without money.

Stay blessed!

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