Mobilink, uFone Internet Connection Settings for Mobile Device

by roshi on December 21, 2010

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Alright, if you have just got a smart phone and are wondering how to get internet going at your mobile device then here is all you need to know. Internet GPRS, edge or access point settings for mobile device. I have got an HTC and I would like to share how its done at this phone but when you will get the idea you will be able to do it at any mobile phone as its almost the same process.

uFone GPRS settings – Access Point Address


Mobilink GPRS settings – Access Point Address

Above are the access points to use internet at your mobile device. You have to type these access points in your connection settings of your mobile depending on whether you are using mobilink or uFone.

Mobile Internet Connection SetUp

In case of HTC
Go to Start > Settings > Connections > Connections > Manage Existing Connections
Edit or add a connection
Give ‘Name’ for connection
Select Modem: Cellular Line GPRS
Access Point Name: ufone.pinternet or (depending which mobile connection you are using)
Next > Leave blank fields of ‘User Name’, ‘Password’ and ‘Domain’ > Finish.

Mobilink GPRS will be activated after few minutes and you will be able to use internet at that instantly after you use access point mentioned above.

uFone will annoy you and even you have put uFone access point in your mobile device internet settings, you will have to call uFone support to tell them to activate GPRS and they will take 24 hours to call you back and confirm that its you who are using internet and after that the internet will be on at your mobile via uFone.

There you go.

As for packages, you can get info from website of your mobile connection provider. Every mobile connection provider offers internet bucket packages which will be finished daily in no time as you surf the web, use twitter, facebook or get weather info on your mobile. Buckets are not for comfortable internet usage trust me. If you want to get comfortable internet speed and usage at your mobile phone, get the post paid mobile connection package for uFone or Mobilink and then you will be charged 500 (round about) for internet per month for unlimited internet usage.

How has your experience been?

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