Most Ideal Couple with a Green Snake

by roshi on March 5, 2011

in Amazing

I am not going to show a picture of any couple for your amusement. Instead I am sharing a story with you and then lets see what I found interesting in that story. I was at the pet store when a couple came in, the female had got a plastic bottle with a green snake in it. The pet shop had got aquariums, tortoise, fish etc. They came to show snake to pet store owner. They asked for his advice and bought few things. The guy was pretty much happy about the snake. He had fish, tortoise, birds, crocodile and more in house and now he was taking a snake his home. I did not like the sneaky snake. That looked dangerous. They told that its completely harmless and then the girl took the snake out and catch it in hands for few minutes. She was also pretty much excited about this new pet. I observed and felt a really strange thing.

Both husband and wife were really excited about this weird pet and they were talking enthusiastically about their pets. In any house, only one person gets attached with pet keeping hobby. Its like if husband likes it e.g. fish, aquarium, dog etc. – its his hobby and if wife likes something e.g. cats, dog etc. – its her hobby and the other person won’t get involved in it – not as much as the other.

Have you seen any couple liking the same thing with same passion? Its like a dream and it happens rarely. I found it very attractive seeing that. For example, if a guy likes gadgets and geeky stuff and he gets a girl who is also geek, then it would be an ideal couple. Both sharing the same passion and equally passionate about something – If this happens, life becomes a really beautiful thing.

I even found this thing sexy. If husband and wife share same hobby or passion then its the sexiest thing in the world. I am not saying that snake was sexy. I am saying that this mutual passion of both about something is sexy. It brings them even closer. For a geek, a geeky girl would be very appealing. We can implement this into our relationships. If we share passions with close ones, then life would be more attractive and easy to live.

Alright, now – do not bring a snake in house and tell your better half to like it. Instead see what is her/his passions. Try to get involved with his/her passions and see how beautiful life becomes after that.

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