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by roshi on May 12, 2009

in Movies, Music had been down long ago. That was my favorite website for viewing HD videos, intros, trailers, animations, music and video songs. The website was much much popular and a big project. Some say that it was copyrights issue. Some say that team at could not remain okay with each other and members got personal issues and some even say that launched the website to just promote Divx video player. Whatever! that site was one of a kind though. It is not 100% dead. There are some places and forums where still remains of exist. But let me introduce to you another website which looks like and the site owner tried hard to achieve the goal to copy But there are video songs in high quality, movies in high quality and 3D animations/ 3D animation movies in high quality. You can download, stream live or upload your own collection at that. They tried to clone Do not know how long that resource will be alive but here it is.



StageVU has got Animation Movies and videos, Comedy Movies, Educational Video stuff, Films and Movies, Games, Music videos, Sports, Television channels and more… You will need to download divx player to view or download movies and videos from that website. Have a look.

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