Why Muslims are Emotional About Prophet Muhammad – Facts

by roshi on May 20, 2010

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If you heard about what’s been happening in the Denmark and now at FaceBook about the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) then there might be these following cases with you.

1- You are protesting it.
2- You have ignored it.
3- You are confused.
4- You are screaming like a little girl and saying …. why not… why not….He was just a human….Don’t take our freedom of speech and let us insult anybody or provoke anybody….We are little girls with no brains and its freedom of speech to insult anybody….because its fun…or whatever….

There are those people who are creating this disturbance and there are those people who are protesting against these acts and trying to stop this insult. I wonder anybody is interested to know that why Muslims are so much emotional about Prophet Muhammad. Muslims know these facts; what I am going to write here, but if you are not a Muslim then I recommend you to read the following facts about Prophet Muhammad and try to digest them. If you are in doubt then you can always check the Holy Quran which is the last Holy Book and you will find references.

Ready??? I will explain it in my way. I do not have sufficient knowledge to argue and support what I am going to say (I am not scholar, I am not Dr. Zakir Naik, I am not a religious person.) but you can research…You will find these facts…..otherwise you and I know that ‘Pigs can fly’.

Let’s start with God. God, Bhagwan, Allah….
Try this: Infront of any Muslim try to insult ‘God’.
That person will laugh or will treat you with sympathy or will only say like ‘watch out, are you mad or something?’…etc.
Muslims or any other person do not get mad when you insult God.
Not recommended but you know if you think you are damn bold and you want some fun, Go ahead….mock about God…but I won’t recommend you to think or talk ill of Prophet Muhammad infront of any Muslim.

What’s so special about Prophet Muhammad, then. I am going to explain it.

God Loves Prophet Muhammad

Do you love your baby, child, mother, father, sister, brother or you might have a girl friend and you might love her…right? LOVE. Love is of many types. Well! God (Allah) Loves Prophet Muhammad. If God would had no plans of creating Prophet Muhammad, there would be no world or human here…


God wanted to create Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and that is why God created this universe and this world and your and my ass.

He is Human….But He is not only a Human

All Prophets were humans. God sent superior humans to teach all other mankind so that people can understand what Prophet has to say and Prophet could be a role model for other people. If God would had sent angels to teach humans then think about it how angels can be a role model for human.

Angels are not superior from human. Human is the most superior and powerful living being. Its another thing that an angel can cross the limits of sky in a blink but a human can not jump into the air and hope to stay there forever. We can’t see angels but they can see or observe us and motivate us to do some good acts. Angels even help us in good deeds. But we do not know about it and will never sense that they are with us. We will not sense their presence ever. But they are with us every time. Does not this stuff makes angels superior from humans? No! Human is superior.

Have you listened about Ghosts. Muslims call them Jin or Jinnah. That is another form of life. Ghost can fly, move with lightening speed, shift its shape to whatever form it likes and you think about any super or super natural ability, Ghost can do it… BUT
Human is superior then Ghosts as well.

Human: Made or created from soil
Jin / Ghost: Made from Fire (Devil / Satan is a Ghost / Jin – Devil was created from fire)
Angel: Made from pure light (Some kind of light and pure energy source)

There are barriers which can not be crossed. Ghosts can not harm humans because they are bound in their own dimension. Angels only follow orders directly from God. Angels can not do stuff with their own will. Angels do not think. They only do whatever God orders them. Gabriel is an Angel who was appointed on bringing message of God to Prophet Muhammad. Holy Quran was brought to this world by Angel Gabriel directly to Prophet Muhammad with order of God. Gabriel is the huge most Angel among all Angels and He can fill this universe if he opens his wings. Yep! Angels have got wings. Gabriel work was to bring message of God to Prophet Muhammad.

Prophet Muhammad was born as a human child but we are sure that there was something different about him. Something more than human. (I have no deep knowledge about that)

Do you know there is a split or rip in the Moon. That my friend, was caused by Prophet Muhammad by a mere index finger movement. That split will remain forever. Somebody asked Prophet Muhammad to show some evidence that He is the Prophet. As God ordered Prophet Muhammad, He split the Moon into two halves.

He is gone from this world……But He is not

You can’t say Prophet Muhammad is dead. He passed away though, like anybody of us will go from this world. But you can not say that He is dead. He is not alive but he is not dead. (I have less knowledge about that)

Prophet Muhammad and God’s Meeting

One person has talked to God. Hazrat Musa has talked to God.
Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has flown to the other limits of sky towards God with Angel Gabriel. Angel Gabriel has got limits; he can not cross. He will burn to death if he crosses the limit. Then onward Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has gone and meet God himself, right infront of each other — facing each other. All this happened in night and in a fraction of time (second) (Muslims celebrate that night).

Prophet Muhammad went to God, sat infront of God, saw God, talked with God. Nobody else has got this honor yet and nobody will have ever, until you die and go to Heaven. That was the time when God said to Prophet Muhammad that tell people to offer 5 times prayers in a day and praise God.

You can’t say that ‘He was’….Infact ‘He is’

Prophet Muhammad passed away but no Muslim will say that Prophet Muhammad ‘was’. Muslims say that Prophet Muhammad ‘is’.
e.g. Prophet Muhammad is the last Prophet and He is great Prophet and so on. I mean Muslims use ‘present case’ when they mention Prophet Muhammad.

The Deepest and Dearest Dream of any Muslim

The deepest and dearest dream of any Muslim is to see or meet Prophet Muhammad in his dream. It is so that when somebody see a dream and meets Prophet Muhammad in that dream then you can not say that it was a dream. It is advised that you say that it was a fact and reality.

Satan (devil) can not come into dream and say ‘Hi! I am a Prophet.’ He just can’t do it. If a Muslim sleeps and see dream about Prophet Muhammad, then its true. He meets with Prophet Muhammad in reality. Some dreams can be reality. You can be in other dimension. When the said person wakes up, he remembers every bit of his dream what he saw and what he said and what he was told in the dream.

The deepest and dearest desire of every Muslim is to see Prophet Muhammad in dream or in reality. It can be a reality. Prophet Muhammad can meet any person in reality as well.

(Now imagine, how Muslims can bear to see cartoons about a Prophet)

First and the Second

Ranks. You know what is rank? Don’t you?
Let’s divide the whole universe and all – I mean all – in ranks.

Who is no.1 -> God
no. second -> Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Creator is God (all in all – Top most) and then the second most authority and superiority of this whole universe is Prophet Muhammad.

All other things, creatures, lives come after these two ranks.

Muslims believe that Prophet Muhammad is the second command. After God’s authority there is Prophet Muhammad’s authority. Prophet Muhammad can not alter God’s will, though.

Not only Prophet Muhammad, but Muslims respect all Prophets and all Prophets were from God. All Prophets were pious and straight at their path and all Prophets were innocent. No Prophet committed any small or big sin ever. Every Prophet is completely innocent.

If you are an atheist or non-muslim then I know you might say …. that was a load of crap or bullshit, you just read…..
If so…then in my opinion you are a lazy little girl…
I say, do not trust at the above stuff which I have written…
Go ahead and find out yourself…
I might be wrong….
I am only a human…..
You will find out some truths or facts….
And the rest of it, even Muslims do not know exactly what it is…..
It is forbidden to think really deep about God or these mysteries…
Muslims have only orders to follow….
Be good, avoid bad stuff, offer prayers, say thanks to people and God, help others…. etc.
Current Muslims do not practice this stuff a lot but you know religion is to keep you at right path….

Let me expose some more secrets to you…

If you think ill of God, God will ignore it because you know you have to go back to God after death.
If you think ill of Prophet Muhammad then this world and after death will be hell for you.

There is another protected being.
You can not harm it in any way.

Its Holy Quran (Holy Book).
God has taken responsibility of protecting Holy Quran Himself.

If you want to mess up with God…its okay! He is God, He won’t care…After all you have to return to Him after death.
If you want to mess up with ‘Holy Quran’ or ‘Holy Prophet Muhammad’, then, you are in peril. Its like you have challenged God.

I just saved you from being foolish. These are facts which will open your eyes and explain Why O Why ‘Prophet Muhammad’ is so much sensitive issue for Muslims. I tell you to do some research and find facts yourself. Read… Ask scholars etc. Read Holy books, Read Holy Quran and translation of Holy Quran…and find out facts…

Don’t be a baby or a little girl. In this world there are some personalities who deserve respect. All noble people deserve respect. All good people deserve respect. All Prophets deserve respect.

UPDATE: Alright, I found out Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Hazrat Aisha’s Marriage is heavily criticized in west because of Hazrat Aisha’s age. She was 10 when married to Prophet Muhammad. That’s right. At that time It was legal to marry like that. Hazrat Aisha was daughter of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique. Hazrat Abu Bakr arranged this marriage to strengthen his relationship with Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). In that old tribal time it was allowed. Read articles about Muhammad’s wives and Hazrat Aisha for more on that. Yes Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had 11 or 13 wives.

People who way that “When Mohammed was 50 he married a 10 years old child” should also consider that when Prophet Muhammad was 25 He married a 40 years old widow (Hazrat Khadija – First wife of Prophet Muhammad). Please consider the time of those events. The old tribal time. Then there were many things acceptable which are not today.

Wives of Prophet

There were reasons why Prophet of Islam married these 11 or 13 women. Prophet mostly freed captive women and married them, or He married to orphans and widows. Some details are below.

Hazrat Khadijah – 40 years old , Widow
After death of Hazrat Khadija Prophet married Hazrat Sawda.
Hazrat Sawda – who suffered many hardships after she became a Muslim – 55 years old at time of marriage
Hazrat Aisha – 10 years (Hazrat Abu Bakrr gave her daughter to Muhammad to strengthen his relationship with Prophet of God)
During the Muslim war with Mecca, many men were killed leaving behind widows and orphans. Prophet of Islam married to widows.
Hazrat Hafsa and Hazrat Zainab – were Widows
Hazrat Umm Salama Hind – Widow
Hazrat Raihanah – Widow
Hazrat Zaynab bint Jahsh – Muhammad’s decision to marry Zaynab was an attempt to break the hold of pre-Islamic ideas over men’s conduct in society. This marriage raised objections but Holy Quran calrifies the matter.
Hazrat Juwayriyya – Her husband Mustafa was killed – She was on of captives of the battle of Banu Mustaliq. Prophet freed her and married her.
Hazrat Safiyah – Captive in the war of Khaibar where her father and ex-husband were killed. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) offered to free her and gave her the choice between remaining a Jewess and returning to her people OR entering Islam and becoming his wife. She said: “I choose God and His Messenger,”
By marrying Safiyyah, the Prophet aimed at ending the enmity and hostility adopted by the Jews against him and against Islam.
Hazrat Barra – By marrying her Muhammad also established kinship ties with the Makhzum, his previously fierce opponents.

Also Hazrat Zaynab bint Khuzayma, Hazrat Ramlah, Hazrat Maymuna and Hazrat Maria.

Your thoughts???

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