Nasa Warns Of Super Solar Storm 2012 – Risk of Technology Failure in 2012

by roshi on July 2, 2011

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Dr. Michio Kaku, Theoretical Physics Professor and scientists and author of “Physics of the Impossible” warns that there could be total technology failure in 2012. Its not about global warming. Its about solar storms. It happened back in 1859 and it can happen in 2012 again. After every eleven years, Sun releases a shock wave or some kind of radiation that can wipe out all the communication, GPS, weather satellites, internet, TV, cable, satellites from our planet. According to Nasa, “Super solar storms are coming in 2012. It could knock out all electricity and communication on the planet!

Scientists have found two large leaks in earths magnetosphere, the region around our planet that shields us from severe solar storms. With all the activity surrounding the Sun this surely will have consequences. The leaks are defying many of scientists previous ideas on how the interaction between Earths magnetosphere and solar wind occurs: The leaks are in an unexpected location, let in solar particles in faster than expected and the whole interaction works in a manner that is completely the opposite of what scientists had thought.

With the Sun about to go into Solar Maximum in 2012 and the Earth with a massive hole in it could be cause for alarm. Satellite Broadcasters should take head of this warning!

NASA has revised their prediction for solar maximum to now occur around mid-May of 2013.

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