New Year Greetings In IT Language

by roshi on November 25, 2007

in Computer, Interesting

Have you ever greeted by a computer enthusiast, at Independence Day? You can expect to hear one of the following phrases. May the new year brings you:

  • Independence of Java
  • Power of Unix
  • Popularity of Windows
  • Extensibility of J2EE
  • Luxury of .Net
  • Efficiency of C
  • Ease of VB
  • Robustness of Oracle
  • Vision of UML
  • Simplicity of HTML
  • Style of Mac
  • Dexterity of Photoshop
  • Enormity of 3D Max
  • Vastness of Internet
  • Compactness of JPG
  • Richness of BMP
  • Coverage as Yahoo
  • Reach of Google
  • Prudence of Froogle
  • Security of Norton & McAfee
  • Intelligence of Unreal
  • Realism of Max Payne
  • Speed of NFS
  • Fun of RoadRash
  • Intelligence of Chessmaster
  • Impression of Quake3 
  • And the Goodness of all Softwares those come for free…

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