What Happens When You Overfeed Fish

by roshi on October 22, 2010

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aquarium cloudy water

Overfeeding your fish is a mistake that some fishkeepers specially beginners often make. In fact, more fish die from overfeeding rather than underfeeding. These are problems that could occur if you overfeed your fish.

Overfeeding Fish Results

  • High ammonia and nitrates levels in water
  • Low pH levels in water
  • Fish fin rot (Some fish produce ammonia from gills as well)
  • Fatty liver
  • Improper digestion problem for fish
  • Algae bloom in aquarium
  • Cloudy water in aquarium
  • Mold
  • Planaria
  • Clogged filters
  • Fish death

Instant result of overfeeding fish will appear in the aquarium as cloudy and dusty water. More ammonia will cause stress in fish. Ammonia is lethal for fish and must be eliminated from water.


  • Feed fish on schedule
  • Feed the appropriate amount
  • Feed them proper food
  • Remove any uneaten food
  • Incorporate some scavenging inhabitants
  • Use suitable filtration system in aquarium

Usually people feed fish twice a day. Feed less. Stop when fish stops eating. Some people even feed only once in a day. You can feed fish before going to bed. In night time aquarium will be left alone and will attract no audience, so its okay to feed fish that time and then after some minutes turn fish tank lights off. The ammonia which will be produced will be consumed by bacteria in fish tank during night and when you will get up in the morning, the water will be again clean. Feed less.

Fish are top feeders, middle feeders and bottom feeders. If you have got the set of these three then it will make sure that no food be left does not matter its floating pellets or sinking food or whatever.

Bigger the aquarium, more powerful filtration system is required. If you want the water to be clean, consider internal aquarium filter as well as the under gravel filter in case of fish only aquariums. For planted aquariums under gravel filter is not installed. Aquarium Internal filter or external canister filter would do for planted aquarium.

Some commercial aquariums exercise their fish? Yes, they actually crank up the water flow so fish will swim faster against the strong current. It burns calories and it keeps fish strong and healthy.

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