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by roshi on May 20, 2010

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Pakistan has 45 million Facebook users which will not be able to use Facebook anymore for several days. The reason is the Facebook page “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” which had over 40,000 supporters while 53,000 users were opposing Against that page.

Islamic Lawyers Movement filed the petition in Lahore High Court (LHC) through Chaudhry Zulfiqar advocate, who stated that under the law no practice against Islam could be allowed in the country. On Tuesday, LHC issued notice to the Ministry of Communication to submit its reply.

Ministry of Communication told that the link of blasphemous caricatures has been blocked, adding that the website can not be completely banned. Pakistani government officials told the court that they had already blocked Facebook pages relating to the inappropriate competition, but the lawyers group argued to block the entire site.

Facebook blocked in Pakistan over Prophet Mohammed cartoon contest issue. The depiction of any prophet is strictly prohibited in Islam as blasphemous and Muslims across the world staged angry protests over the publication of satirical cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed in European newspapers in 2006.

Controversy erupted in the conservative Muslim country last month when a Facebook user set up a page called “Draw Mohammed Day”, inviting people to send in their caricatures of the Muslim prophet on May 20.

The move angered thousands of young people and Muslim faithful in Pakistan, unleashing an online campaign and isolated protests that grabbed the government’s attention and the controversial page was blocked on Tuesday.

But a group of lawyers went a step further Wednesday and petitioned the court to order a blanket ban on Facebook in Pakistan.

Justice Ejaz Chaudhry of the Lahore High Court directed the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) to block Facebook until May 31, when the court will open a detailed hearing into the case.

The PTA Director told the court the government has already blocked the particular link. About complete ban, he said internet services could face problems if the complete website was banned.

However, the court ordered complete ban till May 31. A large number of religious clerics, students and lawyers were present in the courtroom.

The Facebook page “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!” encourages users to submit images of the prophet on May 20 to protest threats made by a radical Muslim group against the creators of “South Park” for depicting Muhammad in a bear suit during an episode earlier this year.

the Facebook creators wrote on the information section of the page, which was still accessible Wednesday morning.

“We are not trying to slander the average Muslim, We simply want to show the extremists that threaten to harm people because of their Mohammad depictions that we’re not afraid of them. That they can’t take away our right to freedom of speech by trying to scare us into silence.”

Rai Bashir, a lawyer involved in the case, said the site was blasphemous.

“There are so many insults to the Prophet on the internet and that’s why we felt we had to bring this case,” he said. “All Muslims in Pakistan and the world will be supporting us.”

The contest was based on an idea by Seattle-based artist Molly Norris, who posted a cartoon on her website of a chair, cotton reel, cherry and other items each claiming to be Mohammed.

However, she said her idea was only ever a spoof. It was meant as a protest against censorship of the television show South Park, she said. The US cartoon recently featured the Muslim prophet dressed in a bear suit. She added that she was horrified that her satire had been turned into a Facebook competition.

Muslims respect every Prophet and they consider all Prophets at higher ranks than any other normal human being. Muslims respect Jesus Christ. Muslims respect Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and all other Prophets.

This is really notable and interesting that no Muslim will ever draw cartoons of Jesus ever in response to insult of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). They are protesting, but no childish acts would be observed from Muslim community.

No reasonable man would try to provoke any other person by mocking about his valuable thing. This is really a childish act to only provoke Muslims and to create worldwide disturbance and to harm Muslims image worldwide……….Again!

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