Pakistan Flood Disaster in View of Online Social Community

by roshi on August 11, 2010

in Disasters

International community, UN and major developed countries are rescuing Pakistan flood victims and helping Pakistan flood victims to survive while have you seen the other side of the picture? There are some other people from around the world with different opinion for Pakistani flood victims. I will point towards some of those. If you go to the YouTube and watch Pakistan flood victims videos and all the disastrous destruction, then do read comments below the videos as well.

There are those people who are laughing at dying and suffering people in the flood destruction. There are those who are opposing them and cursing them for their rude comments. Online communities are good because they let the actual thing be revealed. I can say this because Pakistani TV channels and newspapers are not showing all the incidents. They are showing only the video coverage of the areas where Government and aid have reached. Only at YouTube and other social communities all the impact of this disaster will be seen. UN is posting videos based on facts at YouTube. Some TV channels which are banned are posting all the impacts and loss by this flood at YouTube. People are posting news and videos using cell phones. But the Pakistan TV channels and Pakistan newspapers will only show less destruction and project false image of Government helping people.

Back to YouTube. Where there is benefit of such online communities, there are not so much good uses of these communities as well. Spam and bad people with foul mouth will always be there. There are people at the face of earth who are happy about this all incident. Are they children who can not understand the value of lives?

Click at images below to view the details and read comments with red borders.

flood victims pakistan comments at youtube

flood victims pakistan comments at youtube

flood victims pakistan comments at youtube

Best thing to do is to help, even its your enemy or not-well-wisher. But if you can not help, then atleast I think you should not mock or say bad words. People who are dying are humans, right? Same human, like you. And this is one of the sad events in the history of mankind.

All I can say is this, that — Pakistan and its people will learn something after this incident and disaster — one way or the other way.

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