Pakistan Flood Disaster – Video Coverage

by roshi on August 11, 2010

in Disasters

Pakistan is facing the worst disaster of its kind in history. The massive destruction and damage this disaster is causing is more than the Sonami disaster. Tell you the truth; Pakistani newspapers and TV channels are not reporting everything correctly. Two TV channels have been threatened already. ARY channel has been banned in the country and GEO TV channel has got some issues as well. Supporters of Zardari threw stones at the GEO office and they encircled the GEO TV channel office for their political reasons and clearly Zardari could not stop them and concentrate at more pressing matters and crisis the nation is facing. People want to live and survive this crisis they are facing. But Government fails in doing effective measures to help people. Following videos will show you what is happening in Pakistan right now in the time of worst crisis and flood destruction.

more Pakistan Flood Videos

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