Pakistani Government is Incompetent and Impotent – UN Says

by roshi on August 11, 2010

in Disasters

Pakistan faces the worst disaster not seen in previous 80 years due to flood destruction as the water destroys the cities and villages at a massive scale. Flood victims of Pakistan have no houses to live, no food and no medication available to them to survive as they battle against this nation wide disaster. Due to technology and media advancements, clearly, nothing is hidden to the world and other countries. I have noticed that UN has posted their video report of flood victims and flood destruction of cities at Youtube so that everybody should know. While in Pakistan Zardari and Opposition leaders fight for their dominance and to stay at the top, things are getting worst. The Government helicopters have visited the affected areas but no aid is being provided to the flood victims at the effective scale. According to the newspapers and TV channels, Opposition leaders, President Zardari and Jialay (Bhutto supporters) are fighting at small things. Two TV channels had been blocked. The cable operators (TV Cable Operators) were threatened and they banned two TV channels which were working in those affected areas and spreading the truth. The Zardari shoe throw incident has been the main headline for TV channels and newspapers. Pakistani leaders are blind in defending their powers and they have totally ignored the current disastrous situation in the country. Newspapers headlines are telling that Zardari is saying that they won’t rest until all the flood victims get rescue and the Voice President Gilani is being seen visiting the affected areas in his helicopter. But no real aid is being provided to the people who faced the worst crisis of their lives due to which they are in between life and death situation.

Pakistani Government is Incompetent and Impotent. UN representative said during the visit of flood affected areas of Pakistan. They could not find the real help or aid being provided to the affected people who need urgent help, food, shelter, medicine and care.

Slide timeline of the video at 3:55 to see that.

Clearly Pakistani Government is unable to cope with this crisis. And this is not the only crisis. The prices for food are rising. Vegenatbles, fruits, wheat, oil and other edibles are already costly. Oil and gas shortage has been brought into attention. According to a national newspaper domestic gas (sui gas) shortage will become a problem because flood destruction affected this sector as well. Electricity load shedding has already reached from 18 to 20 hours for some areas of Pakistan. This flood disaster will leave long lasting effects at the nation.

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