Pakistan Launches its Own FaceBook

by roshi on June 17, 2010

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pakistan launches its own facebook

Its funny but Pakistan has launched its own FaceBook after recent FaceBook ban in Pakistan. The ban was not funny. That was a serious issue. I mean you can not play with someone’s emotions. But funny part is…Here is another online social crap and its a copy of FaceBook and not the original idea. O Com’n give the internet users some useful social site that should neither be a copy of already developed site nor it should play with user’s privacy.

Its MyFriendsBook. MyFriendsBook has got all the stuff that FaceBook has got. It has got applications, games, music, pages, groups, events, albums, blogs, videos, polls, scrapbook, fans, walls, profiles and more…

Looks like its a mix of FaceBook and Orkut. They have got some additional crap like user’s points and ranks etc.

I fixed some visual issues live using Firebug and took the above screenshot of the site. Com’n, its a Pakistani website…Its got to have some visual bugs. The guys need to raise some funds and do some Quality Assurance for that site. Many users from Pakistan have already joined that Pakistani FaceBook site.

Privacy needs to be reconsider at this site because it is displaying all the stuff to anybody for all users. And they have used less javascript /jQuery/Ajax. The site needs a lot of upgrades yet, we believe. Anyways, this site is going to attract all the FaceBook users from Pakistan.

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