Pakistan of 1948 – Lion Might Not Have A Razor

by roshi on November 17, 2007

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Quaid-e-AzamIn National Parliament Assembly, A.D.C., asked, “Sir, in Parliament Assembly whether tea be served or coffee?”

Wondering… Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah raised his head and said strictly,
“Will they not be coming from homes, well fed?”

A.D.C. was scared, asking such question. Quaid continued.

“One who wants tea or coffee, can have at his home, Nation’s wealth is for Nation’s good, Not for Ministers.”

After that order until he was in the Authority, Plain water was served in all Parliament Assemblies.

For Governor General 38 PKR Rupees amount was spent on some domestic purpose once. Quaid inquired about it.
He was told that something was bought for Fatima Jinnah (Sister of Quaid).
Quaid ordered to take money for these things from her account and for personal stuff, Quaid paid himself.
Some other things were for Governor General House. That amount was paid from National Wealth Fund.
But Quaid said to be careful about these things further.

British Shah’s brother came to visit Pakistan. British senator requested Quaid to receive him at Airport.
Smiling Quaid said. “I am agreed but then British Governor will also be receiving my brother, if he visits Great Britain.”

One day A.D.C. placed a visiting card in front of Quaid. Quaid tore it off straight away and told A.D.C. to say the card owner to not show his face again. Card owner was Quaid’s brother and he had printed “Brother of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Governor General of Pakistan” with his own name.

During Ziarat (Pakistani Northern Chilly Area) visit, Kernal Ilahie Bakhsh brought new shoes for Quaid.
Quaid inquired about price.
He was told. “2 PKR Rupees” and were bought from Quaid’s account.”
Quaid said. “These are costly, My account is also for Nation, A poor Nation’s Ruler must not be spending much.”
He returned back those shoes.

In Ziarat while illness, inspired by the care and support given by a nurse, Quaid asked her,
“Daughter, what can I do for you?”
She requested to transfer her job to Punjab because she lived there and she had to come to Ziarat for job.
Quaid excused sadly that it was not in his authority and Health Government would do anything about that.

Gul Hassan opened railway’s gate prior to pass Quaid’s conveyance.
Quaid’s took it seriously against the law and said,
“If I won’t obey Law and Order, Who else will?” He ordered to close the gate and wait the train to arrive and pass.

This was Pakistan before sixty years.
Pakistan ruled by the great leader; Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Then Pakistan progressed and we come to 2007.
Keep away railway gates… Now when any important Government Official passes by, even before hours, signals of highways drop to facilitate his conveyance.
Traffic is blocked both ways to endure long wait for Official to pass.
Now Governor orders highly generous grants in public gatherings without the permission of Governor of Wealth.
In spite of refusal from Governor of Wealth, Air crafts are bought.
At Governor’s or Minister’s order many people get jobs and many are transferred and many are fired.
Keep away shoes… Children clothes and stuff is bought from State’s Wealth.
Governor House budget goes to 18 million and Prime Minister House Budget goes to 20 million.
Sometimes Priminister House phone budget goes to thousands worth from where it is said that I am Prime Minister’s brother-in-law.
Foreign Officials are received at airport by all Government Authority Members.
In Parliament Assembly… even many course lunch and dinner is served.

This is current face of Pakistani Nation, where 16 million poor people live.

When Quaid-e-Azam used to visit Pakistan’s cities. He just allowed one police car with only one police officer. That time Mr.Ghandhi has passed away and Quaid’s own life security was in risk. But he always used to walk in morning breeze alone.

Now a days Governor cannot travel even ten kilometers without being in ‘Bullet-Proof Luxurious Cars’ and with Highly Trained Commandos.

What do you think …….

We need Pakistan which was in 1948. Our Pakistan is that. Where there was Peaceful, Rightful and Just Environment and Ruler.

Pakistan Facts and My Thoughts

The nation was founded officially as the Dominion of Pakistan in 1947, under the leadership of Mohammad Ali Jinnah and the Muslim League, and was renamed the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in 1956. Pakistan was a founding member of the OIC, SAARC, D8 and ECO. It is also a member of the Commonwealth, UN, WTO, G33, and is a nuclear power.

Pakistan Has Got A Motto

Ittehad, Tanzim, Yaqeen-e-Muhkam (Urdu)
“Unity, Discipline and Faith” (English)

Current President of Pakistan is General Pervez Musharraf (Nov-2007). I do not read newspaper much or watch TV enough because I had to sit at my computer a lot. There is nothing for me in politics. I am a computer guy. I am a developer and designer. I have less knowledge of current affairs but I do know that these days a lot of panic and hassle is going on in Pakistan.

We need peace. Lots of propaganda and blaming is going on. Some say Pakistan is terrorist. Some say Muslim People with Beard are terrorists.
May be this world is confused about beard. Let me explain. Let the truth be told. I am a Pakistani Muslim. I live here. Let me tell you what I see.

These Muslim people with beard are poor people with more then ten or twelve children at home and single person earns their bread by doing little jobs, That Bearded Person. In poor countries not all in family earn.

You will wonder that why is he keeping a beard? Ok. Muslims believe that God (Allah) ordered to have a beard because its good in the sense that let the women be recognized by their clean and shiny face and men be recognized by beard. I read in Biology Class that beard is a male characteristic. Right!

A lion has a beard, but lioness has a fair clean face. Lion does not have a razor so does not shave at all. I am not sure that I am making it clear or making it funny but I am trying to explain something and sometimes my way can be funny or odd, whatever you say.

May be some poor people do not shave daily because the next day it comes back again so they think that its a waste of time to shave daily or they are poor and can not afford a razor or they want to keep God happy so that He will listen to their prayers. Any reason can be!!!

I am talking to those people who say that beard is a symbol of terrorism. Beard is a characteristic of male, not any symbol. Come on… you have read Biology at School. These people with beard pray to God a lot in mosques to help them raise their families and twelve or so children and to give them bread.
And be clear please, A Mosque is a place to praise the God like Church, not a terrorist spot.

I think I cleared something.
All kind of comments are invited…

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