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by roshi on October 12, 2010

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red bellied piranha

Piranha or Pirana is an omnivorous freshwater fish. They are known for their sharp teeth and a wolfish appetite for meat. These are not for home aquariums. Piranhas are normally from 14 to 26 cm long (6 to 10 inches) to 43 cm (18.0 inches) in length. Piranhas occasionally bite and sometimes injure bathers and swimmers in rivers. Piranha steal bait, mutilate catch, damage nets and other gear, and may bite when handled. Several piranha species appear in the aquarium trade. Piranhas can be bought as pets in some areas, but they are illegal in many parts of the United States.


The most common aquarium piranha is Pygocentrus nattereri, the red-bellied piranha (famous as human killers in myths). It is important to keep Pygocentrus piranhas alone or in groups of four or more, not in pairs, since aggression among them is common, not allowing the weaker fish to survive, and is distributed more widely when kept in larger groups. It is not rare to find individuals with one eye missing due to a previous attack. Piranhas are likely to eat other piranhas in their group if underfed.

Piranha Bite Test

Many Films and stories of red bellies attacking humans, fuels the reputation of the red bellied piranha as being one of the most ferocious of all freshwater fish. In reality, they are generally timid scavengers, fulfilling a role similar to flocks of vultures on land. Their diet in nature consists of live prey and dead animals and fish. Live feedings to captive piranha are not advised, as they can introduce diseases, and goldfish contain growth-inhibiting hormone which in turn will affect piranha.

WARNING! Piranha VS Piranha

It may disturb you. Use caution. Better not watch it.

WARNING! Piranha Attack

It may disturb you. Use caution. Better not watch it.

In my opinion Piranhas should be banned for home aquariums.

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