Pleco Eating Cucumber

by roshi on September 24, 2010

in Aquarium

Do fish eat vegetables? If you have got a fish tank then you might be feeding granules and pellets or flakes or even blood worms but if fresh water fish eat food then fish food can cost you less. I have experimented a bit and found out that some fish accept veges. In the following images you will see my pleco algae eater fish digging at cucumber piece. The images were taken before I installed aquarium under gravel filter and internal filter. Pleco will happily eat cucumber and broccoli but you will have to put that vege in the water or tie it with some rock or stone to get it down there and make sure you remove that vege next day because it will become harmful the next day.

Pleco can grow 6 inches to one foot and even bigger. If you feed them cucumber sometimes then these can grow well.




I love these dudes. These pleco fish work hard in cleaning the fish tank. They don’t bite and don’t disturb other guys in fish tank. They do all the cleaning work and they do it all the time. They are fun to watch because sometimes they move along the glass very fast. They sometimes rush upwards to surface and get back down at gravel in less than one second.

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