Prepare Live Fish Food and Feed Fish – DIY Home Grown Shrimps and Worms for Fish

by roshi on October 22, 2010

in Aquarium

DIY raise shrimps worms for fish

Fish like blood worms, white worms, brine shrimps, alive shrimps. This food help fish grow faster and keep fish healthy. The thing is dried or alive worms and shrimps are not cheap. You want to feed fish worms and shrimps without buying these? You can do it. Why buy brine shrimp, blood worms or white worms – dried or alive when its easy to raise or populate these worms??? Prepare worms and feed them alive to your fish. Its easier than you think.

To raise white worms, all you need is a box, pieces of bread, yeast and water. Mix those up these and wait couple of days and you will get more worms to feed fish than your fish can handle. You need to know the right procedure. Here is how you can raise brine shrimps and worms to feed your fish. For shrimps there are other methods.

White Worms Raising for Tropical Fish Food

White Worm Raising for Fish Food

DIY – Brine Shrimp – Grow and Feed Live Brine Shrimp to Fish

Raising Adult Brine Shrimp

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