Real Friends

by roshi on January 5, 2008

in Inspirational

Friends commit, sacrifice, trust and respect.

Friends COMMIT

They vow, often without words or explanation, that they understand and
accept the responsibility of friendship with one another.

True Friendships do not require maintenance.
True Friendship is when silence between two people is comfortable.
Friendship is forever active, never passive; positive, never negative.
Friends forgive mistakes.
Commitments to Friends are more important than commitments to those who aren’t.
Friends never ask each other to break commitments of Friendship to other Friends.
Friends always repay what has been borrowed from Friends.
Friends help Friends cover their missed commitments.
Friends settle differences in private.


They go beyond what is convenient and prefer to put themselves last.

Friends are patient with each other.
Friends are the people you can count on and who are counting on you.
Friends do not keep track of what favors are owed.
Friends are not rude to each other.
Friends do not hold grudges, and hardly notice when other Friends do wrong.
Friends are there instantly when they are needed.
Putting your Friend ahead of yourself is acceptable in the short term, but if they don’t eventually help themselves they are not being a loyal Friend to themselves or you.
Take responsibility for your Friends’ actions when you have to. Friends cover for each other.

Friends TRUST

They understand that each would never do anything to harm the other Friend.

You cannot trust anyone but a Friend.
Friends are loyal to one another, no matter what the cost.
Friends do not gossip about Friends.
Friends protectively filter what they do and say about the other, or alow to be said about their Friend.
If a Friend seems to have betrayed you, refuse to believe it; if found to be true, allow them the chance to redeem themselves.
Trust is earned.
Friends are able to be trusted with everything.
An apology from a Friend should always be taken seriously.
Don’t let a relationship with someone get between you and a Friend.
Friends do not get the slightest bit involved with someone a Friend is seeing or is interested in without talking it out with that Friend and, gaining the Friend’s approval to do so.


They forget what you have been, accept who you are, and encourage and support what you will be.

Friends are assumed a full amount of respect and/or are given 100% respectability based on the commitment of Friendship and what will be in your relationship.
Friends suggest and do not dictate advise.
Friends keep confidences told to them by Friends.
Friends have the obligation to caution if a Friend is stepping into harm’s way, but never says ‘I told you so’ if the Friend does not listen and injures themself.
Friends are proud of the other’s accomplishments.
Friends never envy the success of their Friends, or covet their possessions.
Friends have no secrets that they cannot reveal to one another at the appropriate time.
Friends allow the other Friend to express their individuality.
Friends earn respect by being true to high moral and spiritual values, and ideals of character, especially with each other.
Friends never ask a Friend to break the law.

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