Recharge uFone, Mobilink, Telenor, Warid, Zong from Outside Pakistan

by roshi on March 26, 2011

in Mobile

recharge cell phone

You can recharge any cell phone from anywhere in the world. All you need is internet access and your credit card. Paypal will also work. Overseas Pakistanis work for their families and relatives in seek of a better life. In some cases a single person remains abroad and supports his whole family including all members by sending money from abroad. Funny, but true. For those who are in United States, Canada, United Kingdom and other countries and want to recharge the cell phone which is in Pakistan and in use of his relatives can use this method.

If you are in foreign country e.g. US, Canada, UK and you want to recharge the cell phone at home in Pakistan that is being used by your relatives then there is an easy way to do that. Recharge your home cell phone in Pakistan for your family while being outside of country. Using your credit card recharge as much as your home cell phone. Use any of the following online service to send mobile balance back to home from foreign country.


Not only Pakistan, but you can recharge any cell phone being anywhere in the world easily.

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