Red Wag Platy Fish

by roshi on September 19, 2010

in Aquarium

Red Wag Platy fish

I have two Red Wag Platy fish. These are little guys that remain at top of the tank most of the time.

The Red Wag Platy is a color variant of the Platy family of popular tropical fish. They are red and have black fins and lips and yellow and black eyes. Platies eat standard tropical aquarium flake food, frozen food e.g. shrimp or bloodworm. They also seem to suck algae off the vegetation in the tank.

Common Names: Many and usually based on the color patterns – Southern Platy, Red Wagtail Platies, Mickey Mouse, Red Tuxedo, Moon Fish, Topsail Rainbow, Sunset, Golden, Calico, Salt and Pepper, Coral Red, Black, Blue, the list goes on and on and on and on.

See at the top of the following image for Red Wag Platy, red and black small guy. Click at image to enlarge.

red wag platy

Guppy VS Platy

Red Platies

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