Redcap Oranda (Babblu) Passed Away

by roshi on January 22, 2011

in Aquarium


Babblu was my most beloved goldfish. This morning he passed away. Rest in peace.

What I know is my Koi fish and shubankin goldfish chased him and bit his tail fins. After that he went lazy and stopped eating. His balance was disturbed and he could not swim properly. I returned Koi and shubankin to pet store. I brought separate container for babblu and kept him in that but I am not sure that was a good idea. The container was a boxed net wrapped around plastic bars and had metal supports. I believe those metal supports added iron in water because the water turned little brownish in color after couple of days. I changed the water and removed that net and released babblu in water again.

My pleco scrubbed babblu a bit and I thought it was okay. I know it was not good but I thought babblu might move and try to swim away fast from pleco and he managed to escape many times.

I happen to check my fish at night time. Near morning I spotted babblu floating face down-no movements. Babblu has passed away. I had overfed a bit last evening but this aquarium was established and was quick in managing extra nutrients but when I watched it near morning, water was cloudy and babblu was dead.

I am pretty much upset about this loss. I loved em’ so much but I could not save him. I will stop bringing more fish now. Yesterday I lost a yo-yo loach from 120g aquarium. That is the downside of keeping fish. They die all the time. Its hard to save a fish if its feeling bad.

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