Should Salary Figure Be Shared?

by roshi on March 18, 2009

in Self Development


Women hide their true age. Possible answer to why women hide their age can be “they want to live more”. I have seen many males who try to hide their real age though. Specially young males (below 35) try to hide their true age. It seems like a fashion to tell less age then actual. Is there anything else a man can hide?

Salary Figure. Men try to either hide their salary figure or they exaggerate about it. There can be many reasons for why men exaggerate about their salary figure. Even colleagues exaggerate about their salary with each other. I have few experiences relating to that in my previous job environment. I had a few colleagues who were reluctant to tell their exact salary figure. I do not know what economists say. Do these people read this from anywhere that ‘sharing salary figure (to tell anybody about how much are you getting from the company) can be a turn off or it costs them something’. I think its superstitious to think about that if you tell anybody about the figure you are getting from your current job will cost you in some way. Most people think like that. Possible thinking behind this concept can be the following:
“In the real world a man is worth equal to he is getting (per month income)”.

Money is an illusion. You can earn 100$ per day. You can earn 10,000$ per day. Still your stomach will allow you to fill it to its own capacity. Not more than that. A person who is having a delicious meal is filling his stomach just like an average person who can not afford much costly meal. Then why should there be a blind race to achieve more and more money. For money I have a concept that “Let it come to you” and “Do not chase it.” If you chase money, you will forget many valuable things and people around you which can not be summoned back with money.

So my question from you is the following:
Should salary/earning figure be shared? yes or no and why?
If you do not share you salary figure, why don’t you?

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