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by roshi on November 10, 2007

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** English Joke **
The math teacher saw that little Johnny wasn’t paying attention in class.
She called on him and said, “Pappu! What are 4, 2, 28 and 44?”
Little Johnny quickly replied, “Cartoon Network, Ten Sports, Discovery Channel and Pogo!”

** Punjabi Joke **
Teacher: Light Kitho Aandi Hai?
Student: Mere Nankeya De Gharon.
Teacher: Kinwe?
Student: Jado Light Jandi Hai Papa Kehndy ne “Saleya ne Pher cut ti”.

** Urdu Joke **
Traveller: Bus stand jane k kitne paise?
Rikshawala: 10 Rs.
Traveller: 2 Rs. mein chalega to theek hai
Rikshawala: 2 Rs. mein kaun le k jayega?
Traveller: Peeche baith main lekar jata hoon.

** English Translation Of Above Joke **
Traveller to Auto Rikshaw driver: How much for Bus stand?
Rikshawala Driver: 10 Dollars.
Traveller (wondering): I think 2 Dollars are enough!
Rikshawala Driver (wondering): Who will be agreed to take you there in just 2 Dollars?
Traveller: Sit back, I take you there.

** Punjabi Joke **
First: Bhai, har roz murge nal roti khaidee hai.
Second: Yaar, Oh kiven?
First: Ik burki aap khaidee aae te ik murge nu paayee di hai.

** English Joke **
Son: Dad what’s Sex?
Father gets tensed but explains everything.
Son (Open Mouthed): But dad how do I write all that in this small box of school admission form?

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