How to Spend a Peaceful, Prosperous and Healthy Life

by roshi on November 7, 2010

in Inspirational

We want to lead a prosperous and peaceful life. At some point or another we aim to spend peaceful life at least in the end. A reasonable person would stop being restless at some point in his life. Here are few things which you can implement in your life to make it much better. Follow these steps:

  • Keep head cool.
  • Keep stomach light.
  • Keep hands and feet warm.

Let me explain how this works!

Keep Head Cool

Being emotionally stable is a good thing. Try to keep yourself calm in all possible situations. Don’t show physical aggression or emotional instability. It makes no good. Being cool head you can solve problems and deal most of the matters. Other matters may need time or more consideration.

Keep stomach light

Eat less. This will keep you active and attractive.

Keep hands and feet warm

Keeping hands and feet warm means strive hard. Exercise at daily bases. Work with passion. Keep your hands busy and moving in your daily work and keep using your feet at regular bases. Vehicles, cars, bikes make you lazy.

Did it make sense?

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