State of War Without War

by roshi on January 11, 2009

in Wonder


Oh no-there’s got to be a better way
There`s got to be a better way-yeah
What is it good for?
War has caused unrest
Among the younger generation
Induction then destruction
Who wants to die?
What is it good for?
Absolutely nothing…

There have been threat of war between India and Pakistan as a consequence of escalating tensions following blames on Pakistan involvement in attacks on Mumbai. Both sides have come to the point of considering the matter rationally now. There is more to this context but I am not political kind. I do not know the details but I can say that War is absolutely useless. Just destruction. Nothing else.

When the war is started, Some major power sources are hit in the battlefield. i.e. Electricity, Gas, Petrol and the prices of daily usable stuff shot towards sky. This happens in the state and circumstances of war.

There are many funny things about Pakistan. There is another.
Without war above mentioned conditions had been prevailing already.

  • Electricity Load Shedding
    No Electricity – Every alternative hour power goes down
  • Natural Gas Load shedding
  • Petrol Shortage
    There have been situations which I personally witnessed when I stopped at Petrol Station and heard that Petrol is short or not available due to electricity load shedding.
  • High Prices
    Instead of cooperation between the people in such circumstances, prices for even daily usable goods are very high.

Clearly The current Government of Pakistan and the Army is unable to solve these basic problems.
We ask no luxuries.
We do not ask social securities allowances.
We do not ask benefits which other developed nations have in their countries.
We ask nothing special.

We just ask to let us live.
Give us Electricity for home, Gas for Kitchen, Petrol for our vehicles.

Is that much?

Pakistani Government collects funds from all our the world just like a beggar.
Where are those funds?
Pakistani Government collected funds for earthquake.
Where are those funds? Still people are homeless there.

In these days the person who is in Pakistan and is enjoying availability of electricity, gas, petrol 24/7 is living a luxurious life. What do you think?

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