Pakistan Supreme Court Towards Road Accident Victims

by roshi on June 15, 2011

in Health

Pakistan Supreme Court has announced that any person who meets road accident should be taken to nearby hospital immediately. Hospital staff and doctors must not ask or wait for police report or victim’s family members to admit him. It is doctors’ duty to do First-aid immediately. Police can be informed later on about the incident for essential inquiry. Nice move and a step forward towards the humanity that should have been taken much earlier. Human is important. Life is important. Doctors should do what they are supposed to be doing. Inquiries, money arrangement can wait.

Before it was to be seen that after an accident victim is brought in the hospital, doctors were reluctant to treat him before police inquiry and report. They also used to wait for the treatment fees arrangements before actual treatment is done. Obviously many lives have been lost in this case due to unavailability of timely treatment.

This law will enforce some humanity in medical structure. Doctors/surgeons have no heart. I shall say this because I have witnessed a doctor who was telling me about how many people died in single night in heart problems and he was completely alright while he told me that. Infact he had a grin at his face. They are so much used to watch people die infront of their eyes. This should be stopped.

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