Surrogates Trailer – Human Perfection

by roshi on December 29, 2009

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How do you save humanity when the only thing that’s real is you? People are living their lives remotely from the safety of their own homes via robotic surrogates, physically perfect mechanical representations of themselves. It’s an ideal world where crime, pain, fear and consequences don’t exist. When the first murder in years jolts this utopia, FBI agent Greer discovers a vast conspiracy behind the surrogate phenomenon and must abandon his own surrogate, risking his life to unravel the mystery.

In 2017, people live in near-total isolation, rarely leaving the safety and comfort of their homes, thanks to remotely-controlled robotic bodies that serve as “surrogates,” designed as better-looking versions of their human operators. Because people are safe all the time, and damage done to a surrogate is not felt by its owner, it is a peaceful world free from fear, pain, and crime.

I think its a great idea. Hollywood has revealed many ideas related to super natural human beings where the actual human is safe or somewhere else while its self-image is out there in this dangerous world. World has never been safe. Its never been hospitable. I think we will see this kind of technology in the future because human has been curious since he learned to create and transform things around him, to create a perfect human.

Its a great movie. I am so much bored watching such movies of Robitics, Robot and AI stuff. Can’t wait to see the perfect human robot. It should happen. We need our robotic identity and appearance in this world. What do you think?

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