Do you often feel depressed, flat and bored? Are you low on physical or mental energy? Do you feel tired a lot? Is your drive, enthusiasm, and motivation on the low side? Do you have difficulty focusing or concentrating? Do you have cold hands or feet? Do you tend to put on tensions too easily? […]

Four Things That Make Your Body Sick: Excessive talking Excessive sleeping Excessive eating Excessive meeting other people Four Things That Destroy The Body: Worrying Sorrow (Sadness/Grief) Hunger Sleeping late in the night

People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. When you know which one it is, you will know what to do for that person. When someone is in your life for a REASON, it is usually to meet a need you have expressed. They have come to assist you through […]

Life is a big problem itself. We can just choose. Problem is choice (Neo said in Matrix). Nothing is in our hands. As we grow old, we caught up in more problems which we create for us ourselves. Life tends to be complicated and difficult and no way seems to invite us to escape from […]