Popular Loach for Aquarium

by roshi on November 29, 2010

in Aquarium

Loach are very popular aquarium fish among fish keepers. Blue Botia, Clown Loach, Kuhli Loach, Skunk Loach, YoYo Loach, Zebra Loach are few popular loach for aquarium. Be careful while you buy loach for your aquarium. Some loach fish can reach huge size up to 13 inches.

Jawfish Defending Burrow

by roshi on November 21, 2010

in Aquarium

Every fish has got unique personality and his habits. The blue spot jawfish, digs a new burrow and defends it from the yellow tang. Jawfish: Woopty Doo! Tang: HMM! What do we have here? Jawfish: PAH!!! Tang: not…nice!

Lets travel to Niigata Japan for the Aqua Design Amano Nature Aquarium Party and top 27 aquascapes.

This is a DIY canister aquarium filter. Basically you can convert regular aquarium internal filter into a canister filter with respect to functionality by using ceramic rings and activated carbon in that. I always get excited when I plan some DIY stuff. Recently one of my fish aquarium internal filter started performing low so I […]

I will tell you mine, you can share yours. I bought a 22 gallons fish tank and then 120 gallons and have been keeping fish. I have been more inclined towards having community fish aquarium. Aquarium stocking is not a discussion here. Discussion is about how many fish species currently do you have in your […]

Having a hobby is pleasurable and easy. Pleasurable in the sense that you will spend some time enjoying it and do productive stuff. Easy in the sense that anybody knows what attracts him. You just close your eyes and can tell what you like to do. So its easy and pleasurable but if not managed, […]

Following are the best of my community aquarium tank pics (part 2). You will see, moonlight in aquarium and regular aquarium lights. Fish include Koi, Shubankin, Mono Sebae, Albino rainbow Shark, Skirt Tetra, Pink Colored Skirt Tetra, Bala Sharks (Silver Sharks), Tiger Barbs, Dwarf Gourami, Pleco, Mollies and some more fish.

I am not talking about the Oscars, Peacock Bass, Arowana, Piranha, Snakehead etc fish tanks. I am talking about the regular peaceful community tank. There you might have some fish species you like to grow in size e.g. Silver Sharks (Bala Sharks), Monos, Barbs, Rainbows etc. Fish like shrimps, worms, fish fry etc. You can […]