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ADA workshops on preparing best planted aquariums.

Takashi Amano is a famous name in aquatic art, aqua art, aqua artist, nature aquarium designs, aquarium tank design setup, planted aquarium designs, aquatic plants layout, aquarium designers. Takashi Amano is a photographer, designer and Aquarist. His interest in aquaria led him to create the Japanese company Aqua Design Amano (ADA). Takashi Amano is one […]

Meet Takashi Amano – Videos

by roshi on October 24, 2010

in Aquarium

Watch Takashi Amano Aqua Artist (Aqua art king) himself designing nature aquariums.

Red Wag Platy Fish

by roshi on September 19, 2010

in Aquarium

I have two Red Wag Platy fish. These are little guys that remain at top of the tank most of the time.

Tinfoil Barb Fish

by roshi on September 17, 2010

in Aquarium

I thought that I had blood parrot fish but these guys are Tinfoil Barbs. Pink at the above side and white at the bottom. Some call these coin fish but that is not the specific name for these but these are coin like in shape. These are Albino Tinfoil Barbs. Pinkish, silvery and white.

Koi Fish, Coy Fish Types

by roshi on September 16, 2010

in Aquarium

Koi fish, Coy fish, carp, Chinese fish, Japanese carp, Colorful fish, Fresh water fish, aquarium fish, ornamental fish or decorative fish are the regular fish with colorful patterns at them if in multiple colors. These can be of single colors as well. I have got white Koi fish, yellow and white koi fish and some […]