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Playful Rainbow Shark

by roshi on December 19, 2010

in Aquarium

Playful albino rainbow shark.

Albino rainbow shark is a cool addition in your freshwater fish tank. I have got one and its an amazing dude. Its more than 5 inches in length and its got cool personality. I have filmed few small best shots of it. I really want somebody would create his rainbow shark videos and post at […]

Alright, people will confuse you with these names. Iridescent shark is not the shark but its a catfish. They are all true tank busters and eat everything. These are not recommended in the normal home aquariums. Better kept with other same tank mates. If we are not talking about the iridescent shark then we are […]

Bala Shark

by roshi on September 17, 2010

in Aquarium

These cool fish are sharks and are called as Bala Shark, Silver Shark, Tri Color, Shark Minnow, Hangus, Silver Bala etc. These need a lot of space to swim and are very active. I have a pair of these.