This is a really hilarious animation and is one of the older animation of Backkom polar bear in which he goes to gym for exercise’s sake to get slim. This time treadmill seems to be out of control or polar bear should read instruction and manual of machine before using treadmill.

Suppose you are in a machine boat and have just learned how to drive it smoothly in the sea. Will you show off a little bit? Here is the polar bear Backkom trying to control a speedy machine boat.

The polar bear Backkom meets an alien at holiday which wants to go back to his home land and sends signals to his world. Aliens arrive from the other planet to receive their child alien but Backkom suddenly gets angry because the child alien had been torturing him.

For genius students, library is the best place for sleep. Backkom seems to be interested in study this time, or…!

Polar bear Backkom will try anything and everything. This amazing character is funny and awesome created by RG Animation Studios. Watch him fighting with an angry strong bull. Its a bullfight (corrida).