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Internal Water filter and Under Gravel Filter is working pretty fine and water is clean now. Alright I installed a water bubbles shower in my fish tank and the videos you will watch are bluish because I just added some water buckets in it and so I had to put some water treatment in it […]

After one week and changing fish tank water many time I decided to install water filters in that tank because what I had got pre-installed filters in the tank were not good enough. So I installed under gravel filter and internal water filter for aquarium. This is part 2 of videos after the installation of […]

Okay now I know that I over crowded my fish tank but I am a beginner and here is the part 1 of all the videos of my first ever bought fish tank. What you will look at are: 2 Fantail Goldfish 2 Red and White Comet Goldfish 2 Pleco Algae Eaters 2 Tinfoil Barbs […]

Huge Koi Fish and Goldfish Videos

by roshi on September 17, 2010

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Most of the regular colored or colorful fresh water fish sold and bought are Koi or Coy fish. Koi are ornamental domesticated varieties of the common carp that are kept for decorative purposes in an outdoor koi ponds, aquarium or water gardens. They are tough and need no special care. Following are some of the […]

Koi Fish, Coy Fish Types

by roshi on September 16, 2010

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Koi fish, Coy fish, carp, Chinese fish, Japanese carp, Colorful fish, Fresh water fish, aquarium fish, ornamental fish or decorative fish are the regular fish with colorful patterns at them if in multiple colors. These can be of single colors as well. I have got white Koi fish, yellow and white koi fish and some […]