International community, UN and major developed countries are rescuing Pakistan flood victims and helping Pakistan flood victims to survive while have you seen the other side of the picture? There are some other people from around the world with different opinion for Pakistani flood victims. I will point towards some of those. If you go […]

Pakistan is facing the worst disaster of its kind in history. The massive destruction and damage this disaster is causing is more than the Sonami disaster. Tell you the truth; Pakistani newspapers and TV channels are not reporting everything correctly. Two TV channels have been threatened already. ARY channel has been banned in the country […]

This is really scary. The whole building can go down into a huge hole like this is really scary. A three storey building collapsed and fell into a huge sink hole in Guatemala City. The giant 200ft-deep crater appeared after Guatemala was hit by tropical storm Agatha, bringing torrential rains and causing deadly mudslides. Witnesses […]

Pakistan faces the worst disaster not seen in previous 80 years due to flood destruction as the water destroys the cities and villages at a massive scale. Flood victims of Pakistan have no houses to live, no food and no medication available to them to survive as they battle against this nation wide disaster. Due […]

A tornado is a violent, dangerous, rotating column of air which is in contact with both the surface of the earth and a cumulonimbus cloud or, in rare cases, the base of a cumulus cloud. Tornadoes come in many sizes but are typically in the form of a visible condensation funnel, whose narrow end touches […]